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On this site you can read, rate, or post your own poker articles. You can read and comment on Dr. Hope's Helpful Hold'em Hints or check out Dr. Hope's poker book recommendations or buy poker books at the Poker Bookstore.  You can even play live poker for free or rent your own private poker room to play with your friends or make free telephone conference calls. 



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Now you can have your home game online, and invite just your friends! Have a look at our Private Poker Rooms, go ahead and play live for Free!    After you've checked one of 'em out you can  rent one just like it right here  for only $10!

That's right! Now you can have your friends from all over the country (or world for that matter) join you at your own password protected private poker room. 

You pick the game, choose from: Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha hi/lo, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud hi/lo, or Razz. You choose the stakes: No Limit, Pot Limit, or Limit. You can also play your own single table sit n go  private tournament!

But wait, wouldn't it be cool if you could also talk to all your friends while you play your game instead of typing in a chat box? Now you can! A Free Telephone Conference Call for your table is now available so everyone can talk to each other during the game. Sign up here!

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Dr. Hope's Helpful Hold'em Hints

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In the spirit of constantly
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Poker Words

  How Colorful Poker Words Came to Paint the Landscape of
Everyday Conversation
by Dr. Lederer, the world's most prolific poker champion breeder.  >>more
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My Poker Community

Find out what's going in the poker world at My Poker Community. You can read, rate, or post your own poker articles, or participate in the Blog or Forum.         


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