Dr. Hope’s Lucky

Subliminal Therapy CD



I have discovered that good luck is a mind set that can be influenced subconsciously. I recently worked with an Indian doctor and together we produced a subliminal CD which will help your subconscious attract luck. It’s called: Dr. Hope’s Lucky Subliminal Therapy CD.

It contains soothing original music, special sound effects, a calming dialogue to help you relax and open up your mind, along with confidence building and luck attracting subliminal messages formulated for poker players. There’s nothing else like this for poker players.    AVAILABLE NOW!!


A subliminal message is a signal or message designed to pass into your subconscious below the normal limits of perception of the conscious mind.  It is widely believed that this form of influence is extremely effective, so much so, that the US government banned subliminal advertising.

Would you like more good luck when you play poker? Now you can influence your mind to attract it!  Order your copy today.





Dr. Hope’s Lucky Subliminal Therapy CD

(Who is that handsome guy anyway? He looks so familiar!)



Only $19.95


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