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Special Travel Deals for Poker Players

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 Here' another plug for Dr. Hope's Pumping Iron. This easy 10 minute hotel room workout has helped some world-class poker players stay in shape.  Dr. Hope, for one.  Anny Duke told  Dr. Hope that Eric Seidel uses this workout whenever he is on the road.  T.J. Cloutier told Dr. Hope, "There's some good stuff in that book."

The name of the book is: Pumping Iron: A Traveling Poker Player’s 10 Minute Hotel Room Workout.  Here are some pictures from it:



Here's what people are saying about this book:

Absolutely the best book I've ever read in my whole life! It's hilarious and well written.-- Dr. Hope's mom

If you travel you need this book! You should buy at least one copy - no wait- at least three copies, of this fantastic innovative book! --Dr. Hope's publisher



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Dr. Hope’s Pumping Iron: A Traveling Poker Player’s 10 Minute Hotel Room Workout today!

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